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Real Estate Development

Parmveer Lidhar

Howdy and welcome to my ePortfolio,
I am a graduate of the Master of Land & Property Development program at Texas A&M University. The purpose of this ePortfolio is to showcase my mastery of the real estate development core knowledge and core competencies that I acquired throughout the program.
As you navigate the above tabs, you will find evidential material that demonstrates my core knowledge, core competencies, and mastery of each.


Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, I grew up in a relatively small and quiet town. Growing up, I had a strong entrepreneurial influence as my parents were in the hospitality business. Because of this influence, I naturally grew a passion for business. Wanting to further my education in the hospitality industry, I attended the University of Houston Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management. It was there that I realized I wanted to be involved in the ultimate entrepreneurial venture – real estate development. That realization led me to research various real estate organizations such as the Urban Land Institute and CCIM. This procured my first investment in real estate – student memberships. I started to get involved by attending networking events and social mixers to learn more about the industry. It was at one of those events where I discovered the Master in Land & Property Development program.


Good design is extremely subjective, but many can indicate good design when they see it. This is because many people rely on heuristics to make quick decisions about new places. These subconscious realizations affect how one interacts and perceives the built environment. Real estate practitioners have the ability to influence how the end user lives, works, and plays. The changing trends towards sustainable development and good design should be accounted for during conceptualization. Through responsible use of land, sound market analysis, and good design: I wish to create a return on perception upon the end-users of a real estate development.