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Strongest Behaviors

Parmveer will most strongly express the following behaviors:

  • Risk-taking, daring, and focus on future goals; this individual is more concerned with where they’re going
    than either how they’ll get there, or where they’ve been. Adaptable, operates flexibly.
  • Makes decisions and takes action, even with little proof confirming their decision. Confident in their
    own ideas and unimpressed with tradition.
  • Flexible approach to “the book” often bends the rules and does things their own way. An innovative,
    “outside the box’ thinker who is undaunted by failure.
  • Task-focused; quickly notices and pushes to fix technical problems, assertively cutting through any
    personal/emotional issues. Has aptitude to spot trends in data or figure out how complex systems
  • Independent, analytical, critical, and creative thinking and action; little need for external validation before
    action. Private.
  • Authoritative and direct, driven to accomplish personal goals; pushes through roadblocks assertively.
    Communication is direct, to the point, and sometimes brusque.
  • Proactivity, assertiveness, and sense of urgency in driving to reach personal goals. Openly challenges
    the world.

  •  Independent in putting forth their own ideas, which are often innovative and, if implemented, cause
    change. Resourcefully works through or around anything blocking completion of what they want to
    accomplish; aggressive when challenged.

  • Impatient for results, puts pressure on themself and others for rapid implementation, and is far less
    productive when doing routine work.


Parmveer is independent and individualistic; strong-minded and determined. Venturesome, they’ll stick their

neck out and take responsibility for risks when they believe they’re right. The challenge of new problems

and new ventures is stimulating, and they respond with action. They have a lot of confidence in themself,
their own knowledge, ability, and decisions.

An ingenious and innovative problem-solver and trouble-shooter, Parmveer has an actively inquiring mind, a

lively interest in the technical aspects of their work, and a need to know and learn more about the systems,

techniques, facts, and concepts involved in it. They will pursue their goals regardless of setbacks,
opposition, or previous failures by others. Parmveer has the kind of self-confidence necessary to initiate
and drive large-scale or even unpopular change.

This individual will drive hard to get things done in their own way, and quickly. A self-starter, they initiate,

makes decisions, and assume responsibility for them. They have a strong competitive drive, are ambitious

and will drive themself hard to achieve their goals. A sense of urgency and impatience for results will put
pressure on others as well as on themself.

Direct, factual, outspoken, and frank in expressing themself. Approach to others is authoritative, telling,

and, if resistance or competition is encountered, aggressive. Always concerned with timely results, they

deal with ambiguous situations briskly and firmly.

Because Parmveer values their own ideas, judgments, and opinions more than those of most other people,

they do not easily delegate major responsibility or authority to others. Being more concerned with the

achievement of objectives, and the big picture than with details, they’ll delegate the execution of details
freely and with little follow-up. With very little interest in handling details themself, they become very
impatient, and less accurate, in doing work which requires routine and repetitive handling of details.

Management Strategies

To maximize effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Parmveer with the following:

  • Opportunities for learning and exposure to various aspects and responsibilities of the business, moving
    as fast as circumstances permit (Parmveer is a fast learner)
  • Encouragement in expression of and action on their ideas and initiatives, with as much independence
    as possible
  • Variety and challenge in the work in an environment in which new ideas are valued
  • Opportunities for advancement to positions of decision-making responsibility based on recognition of achievement and competence
  • Opportunities to delegate routine detail work once they’ve experienced and mastered it
  • If necessary for their work, thorough training, with intense concentration and discipline in teaching the basic details, routines and systems. Follow up will be necessary on any specifics or details.

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