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Delivery and Management

Evaluate all elements of property asset delivery, marketing, and management both in their component parts and as an integrated project to establish their alignment with market need, cost, efficiency, utility, performance, and compliance with regulatory agency requirements.

Once the pre-development stage is completed, the next step is to deliver the product to the market. This is done by managing the general contractor and making sure you as the developer are getting what you paid for. Delivering a product weather, it be a commercial building or residential lots must be properly managed in different capacities. I was exposed to delivery and management in LDEV 668 – Land Development Practice. I was given a set of assumptions and was tasked with building a lot affordability model for single family residential lots. Through the model, I was able to conduct a sensitivity analysis via the variable manipulation. The model communicated what the gross annual income must be for someone to purchase a home in relation to their income.