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Evaluate all elements of property asset design and documentation both in their component parts and as an integrated project to establish their alignment with market need, cost, efficiency, utility, performance, and compliance with regulatory agency requirements.

Site design is critical to any development, it is where great value is created in the development process. In LDEV 667 – Design & Development Economy, I was introduced to the social & cultural, economic, environmental, and sensory aspects of a development– or the four aspects that build up quadruple net value (QNV). If the QNV aspects of a project and considered, it can greatly increase the value of an asset and increase the economic value of the properties adjacent to the development. The benefits of the quadruple net value approach can add unmatched benefits to an asset. For example, a developer using this approach can: explain the innate sensory evaluation of place, give designers a tool to enhance value during the design process, and provide a justification to decision makers to invest in high quality design.
During LDEV 661 – Development & Environment, my group members and I were tasked to come up with a design for a given parcel of land. The design had to support local market demand. During our due diligence, we saw a gap in the market for self-storage, an express carwash, and retail space to activate the area. Ultimately, we proposed the land plan shown below.