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Deal Structure

Create property deal structures using legal entities and vehicles with differing forms of ownership, capital stacks, acquisition, and management methods.

There are various structures from a legal standpoint to how a deal is made. From an Series LLC to a Joint Venture, there is no one size fits all that works for every deal. The intricacies of every project must be vetted to choose the best deal structure. Some key components that should be considered are tax liability, potential for future projects with the same partner, and rates of return.

In FINC 676 – Commercial Real Estate Law, I was introduced to various business entities and different situations where they would most be appropriate. In the paper below, my group members and I were tasked to identify a preferred offer and terms as a potential buyer to purchase a property in Bryan, Texas. We discussed the offer and terms, including the sale price, the conveyance of personal property, securing financing, earnest money, title policy, survey, feasibility period, type of deed, and assignment rights. We also analyzed the most important terms that would be important for the seller.

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